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Network After Work with Like Minded Entrepreneurs and Grow Your Business

Miami Entrepreneurs Network

Join us and Network After Work to expand your network at this next event. Meet executives and professionals for new opportunities on Thursday, August 16th at Wework You must register for the event:...

Blockchain Events - Meet StartUps - mini series - Logistics

BlockEv"Brian Glick, CEO of, will be presenting the story of how they identified the use case, developed and deployed their blockchain product, Vault by connects systems and people to facilitate the complex...

MTG Commander and "General" Shenanigans

MTG Commander and General Shenanigans

Anyone interested in playing the MTG format Commander is welcome, from the newly curious to the hardcore enthusiasts! Games will start and continue throughout the night as people filter in and out, there's no need to get there right on time....

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Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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